528Hz, Full Recovery | Heal body, Mind and Spirit | Full Body Massage Music While Sleeping

Dream Relax Música

528Hz, Full Recovery | Heal body, Mind and Spirit | Full Body Massage Music While Sleeping _________________________ Music: Nick Composer: Nick Music to relax, meditate, study, read, massage, spa or sleep. This music is perfect to combat anxiety, stress or insomnia as it facilitates relaxation and helps us eliminate bad vibrations. You can also use this music as a background for guided meditation classes or sleep relaxation. Welcome to a new relaxing music direct on the Dream Relax Música channel. They can leave the video at a low volume and start doing any task such as studying, working, reading... or simply relaxing or sleeping soundly. If you liked the live and want more relaxing music content, don't forget to like it. Namaste 🎼 MISSION 🎵 relaxation and meditation guided meditations sleep relaxation calm and control anxiety fall asleep and sleep better study yoga, reiki, spa... Subscribe to keep up to date with all our publications: • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeTP-S4qlYDiBDd_VSiWAIw -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- What can you find on our channel? - On our channel you can find relaxing music for: sleeping, meditation, yoga, zen, spa, massage, studying and concentrating... To improve relaxation and concentration, our music has brain waves such as: alpha waves, beta waves, delta waves and theta waves. You can also move to other cultures, since we have shamanic music, Indian music, Chinese music, Tibetan music with Tibetan bowls,.... Don't forget to subscribe to keep up to date with new posts. #DreamRelaxMúsica #musicaparadormir #sleepmusic #relaxingmusic

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