Shylock Superhit Action Movie Dubbed In Hindi Full Romantic Love Story Mammootty, Rajkiran, Meena

South Ki Films

Movie Name - Shylock Starring - Mammootty, Rajkiran, Meena Director - Ajai Vasudev Boss, a ruthless moneylender gives Prathapa Varma, a film producer money for a film Varma is producing. But Prathapa Varma cheats him by not repaying the money, which angers Boss. Varma is a friend of Felix John, a corrupted high-ranked police officer. Boss causes mayhem on the sets of Prathapa Varma's film due to which he sends men to kill Boss. Boss defeats everyone and mocks Prathap and Felix. In order to get revenge, Felix creates a fake case that Prathapa Varma's son Adithya Varma has gone missing and Boss is the kidnapper. The police arrest Boss but a video evidence proves that Prathapa Varma's son is celebrating Holi in Nagpur. Felix is forced to release Boss. On the way home Prathapa Varma blocks Boss's car. Boss reveals that after the video was taken he did kidnap and kill Adithya. During Adhitya's funeral, Felix and Prathapa Varma doubt that Boss was part of a plot that happened a long time ago. Boss, later confirms this. His associates question him but Boss keeps quiet. He receives a call which leads Boss going to a house where an old man named Ayyanar is waking up. His associates question him once again. Boss reveals that Ayyanar is his brother. Boss then reveals his past.

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