Raja Vikramarka (2022) New Blockbuster Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Kartikeya, Tanya | South Movie 2022

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Presenting New South (Sauth) Indian Movies Dubbed In Hindi 2022 Full (Action Movies 2022) "RAJA VIKRAMARKA" Starring Kartikeya Gummakonda, Tanya Ravichandran, Sai Kumar. Its a South Action 2022 Blockbuster Released New Movie Exclusively on @Wamindia Movies #rajavikramarka #southmovie2022 #kartikeya #4kultrahd Subscribe Us For More South Indian Blockbusters in Hindi Dubbed 2022 for free http://goo.gl/Bscph8 An NIA agent, Raja Vikramarka 'Vikram' works under Mahendra. They catch a Nigerian agent who supplied arms to Guru Narayan's gang. He informs them that Guru Narayan bought the arms to kill the Home Minister Chakravarthy a Former sincere IPS Officer. Raja accidentally kills him before he reveals their entire plan. Mahendra sends Raja in a secret mission as an insurance policy agent under Muddu Krishna a classical dancer turns insurance agent who teaches classical dance to Kanthi by hiding his identity to investigate the matter. Raja falls in love with the Chakravarthy's daughter, Kanthi. Although she initially turns down his advances, she likes him and eventually expresses her feelings for him. Meanwhile ACP Govind who takes care of Chakravarthy's security finds Vikram's and Kanthi's relationship suddenly visits Vikram's home. There he finds out all his secret operation then no option left Vikram reveals his identity to Govind. Then Mahendra intervenes and convinces Govind to co-operate with them; then Vikram and Govind decide to work together for catching Guru Narayan. As expected Guru Narayan attacks Chakravarthy in Muddu Krishna's meeting who became a manager by taking Chakravarthy's Life Insurance Policy which worths 10 crore. Vikram stops and arrests him. While everyone else feels relaxed, Vikram still doubts the Guru Narayan intentions behind his arrest. As Vikram anticipated, Guru Narayan's men kidnaps Kanthi at her Dance performance in front of Chakravarthy and demands him to be released. A flashback episode reveals that Chakravarthy has enmity with Guru Narayan. When Chakravarthy was an IPS officer, he attacked and annihilated the gang of Guru Narayan who used to carry out contract killings under the disguise of Maoism. Chakravarthy shoots Guru Narayana who escapes but hospitalizes in comatose condition. After 15 years waking up from coma, Guru Narayan wishes to destroy Chakravarthy's goodwill in public executed the current plan. Guru Narayan, who is now in jail, negotiates the release of Kanthi in exchange for his release. Then Vikram realises that Guru Narayan wants to kill Kanthi in front of Chakravarthy and escapes which makes him morally wounded and challenges the entire department. Chakravarthy accompanies him along with Govind who wants to free his daughter without letting him escape. In an unfortunate turn of events, Chakravarthy gets killed in accidentally in the hands of Govind. An enraged Vikram chases and kills Guru Narayan who is trying to escape. Kanthi still remains with the kidnappers. On his deathbed Chakravarthy reveals that Kanthi told about him and he accepted there relationship, Vikram promises to save his daughter, then he advises Vikram to not leave anyone who involved in the conspiracy. It is revealed that the Govind is the son of Guru Narayan and is the mastermind behind the kidnap. It is revealed that he wantedly kills Chakravarthy manages it as accident. Unknown of facts Vikram on his way to nab the criminals, meanwhile the enraged Govind attempts to kill Kanthi for killing his father and calls Vikram under disguise to kill Kanthi on hearing of him. While talking with Govind, Vikram finds out a minor clue who is a news channel regular tune. Then he wents to the office announces Rs 10 Crores the insurance amount of Chakravarthy in exchange for Kanthi to lure the kidnappers. While Govind doesn't bother about the money and wants to kill her, his gang convinces him to get the money. After a Cat and Mouse game in a final confrontation, Raja recognizes Govind as Master mind and saves Kanthi, arrests kidnappers, and kills Govind unofficially. Click to Susbscribe Us: http://goo.gl/Bscph8

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